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The Archive of the Forgotten

Par / By A. J. Hackwith

#2 A Novel from Hell’s Library


[FR] Dans le deuxième volet de cette série d’aventures fantastiques richement imaginée, une nouvelle menace venant de l’intérieur de la Bibliothèque pourrait détruire ceux qui en dépendent le plus.


[EN] In the second installment of this richly imagined fantasy adventure series, a new threat from within the Library could destroy those who depend upon it the most.



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La bibliothèque des non écrits en enfer a été sauvée d’une dévastation totale, mais des centaines de livres potentiels ont été détruits. Claire, l’ancienne bibliothécaire, et Brevity, la muse, ressentent la perte de ces histoires et tentent de s’adapter à leurs nouveaux rôles au sein de l’Aile des Arcanes et de la Bibliothèque, respectivement. Mais lorsque les restes de ces livres commencent à laisser échapper une encre étrange, Claire se rend compte que la Bibliothèque a gardé des secrets de l’Enfer – et de ses propres bibliothécaires.

Claire et Brevity sont immédiatement en désaccord dans leur approche de l’encre, et le pouvoir potentiel qu’elle représente n’est pas passé inaperçu. Lorsqu’un représentant du Corps des Muses arrive à la Bibliothèque pour conseiller Brevity, l’ange Rami et l’ancien Héros partent à la recherche de réponses dans d’autres royaumes. La véritable nature de l’encre pourrait fondamentalement modifier l’au-delà, en bien ou en mal, mais tout dépend de la personne qui tient la plume.


The Library of the Unwritten in Hell was saved from total devastation, but hundreds of potential books were destroyed. Former librarian Claire and Brevity the muse feel the loss of those stories, and are trying to adjust to their new roles within the Arcane Wing and Library, respectively. But when the remains of those books begin to leak a strange ink, Claire realizes that the Library has kept secrets from Hell–and from its own librarians.

Claire and Brevity are immediately at odds in their approach to the ink, and the potential power that it represents has not gone unnoticed. When a representative from the Muses Corps arrives at the Library to advise Brevity, the angel Rami and the erstwhile Hero hunt for answers in other realms. The true nature of the ink could fundamentally alter the afterlife for good or ill, but it entirely depends on who is left to hold the pen.

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Auteur.rice / Author

A. J. Hackwith n’est (presque) certainement pas une sorcière à l’encre en sweat à capuche. Elle est une écrivaine queer de fantasy et de science-fiction vivant à Seattle, et écrit de la romance de science-fiction sous le nom d’Ada Harper. Elle est diplômée de l’atelier d’écriture Viable Paradise et son travail est publié dans Uncanny Magazine et dans diverses anthologies. Invoquez A.J. à vos risques et périls avec un cercle arcanique de stylos à plume et de jeux de rôle classiques. Vous pouvez également la trouver sur Twitter et dans d’autres recoins sombres d’Internet.


A. J. Hackwith is (almost) certainly not an ink witch in a hoodie. She’s a queer writer of fantasy and science fiction living in Seattle, and writes sci-fi romance as Ada Harper. She is a graduate of the Viable Paradise writer’s workshop and her work appears in Uncanny Magazine and assorted anthologies. Summon A.J. at your own peril with an arcane circle of fountain pens and classic RPGs, or you can find her on Twitter and other dark corners of the Internet.


“Hackwith literally brings books to life with her layered prose, emotional scenes, slow burns, and powerful connections among found family members.”–Library Journal (starred review)

“This book pulls apart what a book is, what a book could be, and gets to the soul of what it means to tell a story, all while delivering queer chemistry and intricate worldbuilding.”—Booklist (starred review)

“Powerhouse fantasy…Writing in stirring prose, Hackwith imbues her high-concept, metafictional tale with color, action, and high-flying emotion. This imaginative ode to the power of fiction is sure to delight.”–Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Praise for The Library of the Unwritten

“It’s like The Good Place meets Law & Order: Bibliophile Crime Unit. Highly recommended. This book is so much fun, and you should be reading it. Trust me. Stories about story are some of my favorite kinds. This book definitely makes the list. I am so glad I read this.”—Seanan McGuire, author of In an Absent Dream

“Clever, charming, full of intricate worldbuilding and delightful characters, The Library of the Unwritten is the first book in your new favorite series.”—Christina Henry, author of The Girl in Red

“A delightful romp through heaven, hell, and everything in between which reveals itself in layers.”—Caitlin Starling, author of The Luminous Dead

“A muse, an undead librarian, a demon, and a ghost walk into Valhalla… what follows is a delightful and poignant fantasy adventure that delivers a metric ton of found family feels, and reminds us that the hardest stories to face can be the ones we tell about ourselves.”–New York Times bestselling author Kit Rocha

“Hackwith has artfully penned a love letter to books and readers alike and filled it with lush, gorgeous prose, delightfully real characters, a nonstop, twisty, and heart-wrenching plot, and an explosive ending that gave me chills.”–K. A. Doore, author of The Perfect Assassin

“A wry, high-flying, heartfelt fantasy, told with sublime prose and sheer joy even at its darkest moments (and there are many). I want this entire series on my shelf yesterday.”—Tyler Hayes, author of The Imaginary Corpse

“The only book I’ve ever read that made the writing process look like fun. A delight for readers and writers alike!”—Hugo Award Finalist Elsa Sjunneson-Henry

“Elaborate worldbuilding, poignant and smart characters, and a layered plot…An ode to books, writing, and found families.”—Library Journal (starred review)

“Hackwith writes a fast-paced, suspenseful story set in an intriguing world where storytellers can duel with words and souls are not what they seem.”—Booklist

“Wow! A.J. Hackwith puts a whole new spin on libraries and librarians in The Library of the Unwritten! The imaginative plotline coupled with lots of phenomenal action and a solid dose of humor keep the reader engaged even as we wonder what twisted turn of events will happen next.”–Fresh Fiction


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