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Par / By Jennifer Saint


[FR] Une réimpression envoûtante de l’histoire d’Elektra, l’une des héroïnes les plus infâmes de la mythologie grecque, par Jennifer Saint, l’auteur du célèbre best-seller international Ariadne.


[EN] A spellbinding reimagining of the story of Elektra, one of Greek mythology’s most infamous heroines, from Jennifer Saint, the author of the beloved international bestseller, Ariadne.


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Trois femmes, empêtrées dans une ancienne malédiction.

Lorsque Clytemnestre épouse Agamemnon, elle ignore les murmures insidieux concernant sa lignée familiale, la Maison d’Atreus. Mais lorsque, à la veille de la guerre de Troie, Agamemnon trahit Clytemnestre de la manière la plus inimaginable, elle doit affronter la malédiction qui a longtemps ravagé leur famille.

À Troie, la princesse Cassandre a le don de prophétie, mais elle porte une malédiction qui lui est propre : personne ne croira jamais ce qu’elle voit. Lorsqu’on lui montre ce qui va arriver à sa ville bien-aimée à l’arrivée d’Agamemnon et de son armée, elle est impuissante à empêcher la tragédie de se dérouler.

Elektra, la plus jeune fille de Clytemnestre et d’Agamemnon, ne souhaite qu’une chose : que son père bien-aimé revienne de la guerre. Mais peut-elle échapper à l’histoire sanglante de sa famille, ou son destin est-il lui aussi lié à la violence ?


Three women, tangled in an ancient curse.

When Clytemnestra marries Agamemnon, she ignores the insidious whispers about his family line, the House of Atreus. But when, on the eve of the Trojan War, Agamemnon betrays Clytemnestra in the most unimaginable way, she must confront the curse that has long ravaged their family.

In Troy, Princess Cassandra has the gift of prophecy, but carries a curse of her own: no one will ever believe what she sees. When she is shown what will happen to her beloved city when Agamemnon and his army arrives, she is powerless to stop the tragedy from unfolding.

Elektra, Clytemnestra and Agamemnon’s youngest daughter, wants only for her beloved father to return home from war. But can she escape her family’s bloody history, or is her destiny bound by violence, too?

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Auteur.rice / Author

En raison d’une fascination de longue date pour la mythologie grecque ancienne, Jennifer Saint a étudié les études classiques au King’s College de Londres. Elle a passé les treize années suivantes à enseigner l’anglais, partageant avec ses élèves son amour de la littérature et de la création littéraire. Elle est l’auteur de best-sellers internationaux tels que Atalanta, Elektra et Ariadne.


Due to a lifelong fascination with Ancient Greek mythology, Jennifer Saint read Classical Studies at King’s College, London. She spent the next thirteen years as an English teacher, sharing a love of literature and creative writing with her students. She is the internationally bestselling author of Atalanta, Elektra, and Ariadne.


A Most Anticipated Book (Harper’s Bazaar, USA Today, Book Riot, BuzzFeed, Bustle, Goodreads, Veranda Magazine, Historical Novel Society, She Reads, The Nerd Daily)

“A powerful glimpse of ancient Greece…If you were ever confused after learning about these characters and their stories in school, you won’t be once Elektra speeds up and dives into the action.”
Washington Post

“A vivid reimagining of Greek mythology’s most haunted lineage.”
Harper’s Bazaar

“An elektra-fying take on a classic myth focused on a wildly compelling trio of women all caught up in the midst of curses and tragedy.”

“A spellbinding reimagining of the story of Elektra, one of Greek mythology’s most infamous heroines.”
―Book Riot

“Poignant and necessary…These heroines rage at the dying of the light, refusing to go quietly into the fates that male authors like Euripides, Homer, and Aeschylus have set out for them, and though their endings remain as inevitable as always, for readers, the experience is a deeply cathartic one.”
Paste Magazine

“A spellbinding tale of war, betrayal and vengeance, but with a modern twist. If you love Greek mythology and drama, this page-turner is for you.”
―Walmart’s Woah, Wait Magazine

“Electrifying…Difficult to put down. It’s an emotion-laden story of revenge and rage driven by loss and fills a gap by giving Clytemnestra a voice. Both readers who know the Greek myths well and readers who only know glimmers of the story will enjoy this new, epic retelling, perfect for fans of Madeline Miller’s Circe.”
Booklist (starred review)

“Brilliant… In alternating chapters, each woman relays her own story and is treated to generous and bold character development…The author also does a splendid job managing the timeline, with rich and sustained scenes and seamless jumps. Out of a canonical myth, Saint has built a commanding story of rebellious women.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Riveting…Together, these voices show how three very different women understand family, the costs of war, and how to exercise their power…Royals, revenge, curses, and prophecies done right.”

Elektra is sensational. Jennifer Saint has created a version of an ancient myth which is absolutely thrilling to read, and which gives so much depth and vitality to the characters. The book is profoundly moving, and full of beautiful touches which made the story feel fresh and immediate without losing any of the magic of the classical setting. I will be pressing this book on everyone I know.”
―Elodie Harper author of The Wolf Den

“Jennifer Saint shows that whole millennia later, these stories have lost none of their power and resonance. In Elektra, the characters of myth take on an immediacy and intimacy that simply wouldn’t be possible in the hands of a less assured and less masterful storyteller. Saint imparts both a voice and a humanity to women who have been consigned to narrow roles in the stories we think we know. Her approach is clear-eyed and unflinching, and the result is an enthralling and devastatingly moving work.”
―Katherine J. Chen, author of Joan: A Novel of Joan of Arc

“Elektra tells the stories of three women as each battles to forge her own destiny. Jennifer Saint explores how suffering is passed down generations in this compelling novel, told in rich and evocative prose. A truly immersive read.”
―Elizabeth Lee, author of Cunning Women

Elektra makes the world of Mycenaean Greece feel alive again. In Jennifer Saint’s prose, you can hear the songs of the poets, feel the floors beneath your feet, smell the wood burning in the fire and experience the story of these three very different women as if you are there. A compelling retelling of ancient legacies, betrayal and the whims of the gods.”
―Claire North, author of Ithaca

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