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Adulthood Rites

Xenogenesis Trilogy, book 2

Par / By Octavia E. Butler


[FR] Par l’auteur primé de la Parabole du Semeur : Après la quasi-extinction de la race humaine, un jeune homme aux dons extraordinaires va révéler si la race humaine peut tirer les leçons de son passé et reconstruire son avenir … ou si elle est condamnée à l’autodestruction.


[EN] From the award-winning author of Parable of the Sower: After the near-extinction of the human race, one young man with extraordinary gifts will reveal whether the human race can learn from its past and rebuild their future . . . or is doomed to self-destruction.

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Dans le futur, une guerre nucléaire a détruit la quasi-totalité de l’humanité. Une race extraterrestre intervient, sauvant le petit groupe de survivants d’une mort certaine. Mais leur salut a un prix.

Les Oankali sont capables de lire et de modifier le code génétique, et ils utilisent ces compétences pour leur propre survie, en se croisant avec de nouvelles espèces pour s’adapter et évoluer en permanence. Ils apprécient l’intelligence qu’ils perçoivent dans l’humanité, mais ils savent aussi que l’espèce, rigidement liée à des hiérarchies sociales destructrices, est vouée à l’échec. Ils sont déterminés à ce que les deux races produisent une nouvelle espèce hybride, et ils ne toléreront aucune rébellion.

Akin ressemble à un enfant humain ordinaire. Mais en tant que premier véritable hybride humain-alien, il naît en comprenant le langage et commence à former des phrases à l’âge de deux mois. Il peut voir au niveau moléculaire et tuer d’un simple toucher. Plus puissant que n’importe quel humain ou Oankali, il sera l’architecte de l’avenir des deux races. Mais avant de porter cette nouvelle espèce dans les étoiles, Akin doit se réconcilier avec son propre héritage dans un monde déjà déchiré en deux.


In the future, nuclear war has destroyed nearly all humankind. An alien race intervenes, saving the small group of survivors from certain death. But their salvation comes at a cost.

The Oankali are able to read and mutate genetic code, and they use these skills for their own survival, interbreeding with new species to constantly adapt and evolve. They value the intelligence they see in humankind but also know that the species—rigidly bound to destructive social hierarchies—is destined for failure. They are determined that the only way forward is for the two races to produce a new hybrid species—and they will not tolerate rebellion.

Akin looks like an ordinary human child. But as the first true human-alien hybrid, he is born understanding language, then starts to form sentences at two months old. He can see at a molecular level and kill with a touch. More powerful than any human or Oankali, he will be the architect of both races’ future. But before he can carry this new species into the stars, Akin must reconcile with his own heritage in a world already torn in two.

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Née à Pasadena en 1947, longtemps considérée comme une des femmes les plus connues dans le domaine de la science-fiction, Octavia E. Butler devient célèbre en 1979 avec Kindred, le récit d’une jeune fille qui voyage dans le temps et rencontre ses ancêtres esclaves. Lauréate du prix Hugo 1984 et 1985 dans la catégorie nouvelles et du prix Nebula 1994 pour La Parabole des talents, ainsi que du très prestigieux prix MacArthur Grant « Genius », elle est le premier écrivain de science-fiction à recevoir cette distinction. Octavia E. Butler est décédée en 2006 à Seattle, à 59 ans.


Born in Pasadena in 1947 and long considered one of the best-known women in science fiction, Octavia E. Butler became famous in 1979 with Kindred, the story of a young girl who travels back in time and meets her slave ancestors. Winner of the 1984 and 1985 Hugo Awards for short stories and the 1994 Nebula Award for La Parabole des talents, as well as the prestigious MacArthur Grant “Genius” Award, she is the first science fiction writer to receive this distinction. Octavia E. Butler died in 2006 in Seattle at the age of 59.


“Brilliant, endlessly rich…pairs well with 1984 or The Handmaid’s Tale.“―John Green, New York Times (on Parable of the Sower)

Wild Seed is a book that shifted my life . . . It is as epic, as game-changing, as moving and brilliant as any science fiction novel ever written.”―Viola Davis

“If we’re talking must-read authors like Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, and Toni Morrison, the one-and-only Octavia Butler needs be a part of the conversation. The groundbreaking sci-fi and speculative fiction author was a master of spinning imaginative tales that introduced you to both the possibilities — and dangers — of the human race, all while offering lessons on tribalism, race, gender, and sexuality.”―O, The Oprah Magazine

“A revolutionary voice in her lifetime, Butler has only become more popular and influential . . . A generation of younger writers cite her as an influence, from Jemisin and Tochi Onyebuchi to Marlon James and Nnedi Okarafor . . .She is now praised as a visionary who anticipated many of the issues in the news today, from the coronavirus to climate change to the election of President Donald Trump.”―Associated Press

“An internationally acclaimed science fiction writer whose evocative, often troubling, novels explore far-reaching issues of race, sex, power and, ultimately, what it means to be human.”―New York Times

“More than any novel I’ve ever read, Octavia Butler’s Wild Seed examines power, what it means to wield it responsibly and what it means to resist it when it is wielded capriciously.”―Rion Amilcar Scott, PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize-winning author of Insurrections

“Butler is one of the finest voices in fiction-period . . . A master storyteller with a voice that cradles and captivates, Butler casts an unflinching eye on racism, sexism, poverty and ignorance, and lets the reader see the terror and beauty of human nature.”―Washington Post Book World

“In the ongoing contest over which dystopian classic is most applicable to our time, Octavia Butler’s ‘Parable’ books may be unmatched.”―New Yorker


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