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L’île de silicium

Par / By Qiufan Chen
Traduit par / translated by Gwenaël Gaffric


[FR] Un roman d’anticipation offrant la vision réaliste d’une calamité environnementale dans la Chine de demain.


[EN] A novel of anticipation offering a realistic vision of an environmental calamity in the China of tomorrow.

Effacer / Clear
Lancement de la nouvelle collection Rivages/imaginaire avec ce premier roman chinois. Un roman phénomène publié dans quatorze territoires. Un roman écologiste inspiré par la décharge de Guiyu en Chine, où se trouve le plus grand centre de recyclage de déchets électroniques du monde, une zone que les Nations unies ont qualifiée de « calamité environnementale ». Un roman d’anticipation qui combine le réalisme avec l’allégorie pour présenter l’hybridité des humains et des machines. Traduit par Ken Liu vers l’anglais et Gwennaël Gaffric vers le français, qui ont tous deux fait connaître Liu Cixin en Occident. Chen Qiufan est l’auteur d’une trentaine de nouvelles et d’un roman.


Launch of the new Rivages/imaginaire collection with this first Chinese novel. A phenomenon novel published in fourteen territories. An ecological novel inspired by the Guiyu landfill in China, where the world’s largest electronic waste recycling center is located, an area that the United Nations has called an “environmental calamity. A novel of anticipation that combines realism with allegory to present the hybridity of humans and machines. Translated by Ken Liu into English and Gwennaël Gaffric into French, both of whom have made Liu Cixin known in the West. Chen Qiufan is the author of thirty short stories and a novel.

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Auteur.rice / Author

Chen Qiufan, également connu sous le nom de Stanley Chan, est un écrivain, chroniqueur et scénariste chinois de science-fiction. Son premier roman était The Waste Tide, qui « combine réalisme et allégorie pour présenter l’hybridité des humains et des machines ».


Chen Qiufan, also known as Stanley Chan, is a Chinese science fiction writer, columnist and screenwriter. His first novel was The Waste Tide, which “combines realism and allegory to present the hybridity of humans and machines.


A remarkable accomplishment of storytelling.” – NPR on The Empress of Salt and Fortune

Praise for Into the Riverlands

“A thrilling, wuxia-style addition to the series.”―BuzzFeed News

“A delicious bonbon of a novella about stories and their unreliable narrators, who wink at their listeners (or readers), fully expecting us to catch on.”―The Wall Street Journal

“Spellbinding. . . . Vo expertly weaves myths and histories of this fantastical land throughout, while also offering readers a deeper understanding of Chih themself, a character who may have been left as a framing device in lesser hands. The result is a pitch-perfect series installment.”―Publishers Weekly, (starred review)

“Rides the knife edge between telling a story and being in the middle of it and explores how tales become legends. . . . Highly recommended for . . . anyone who likes high fantasy inspired by Imperial China or wuxia movies and stories.”―Library Journal (starred review)

“The novella is written in Vo’s rich, lovely language, and it’s nice to have such a wonderful fantasy series be totally accessible in standalone volumes. . . . Fans of folklore-inspired fantasy will eat this one up.”―Booklist

Praise for the Singing Hills Cycle

“Gorgeous. Cruel. Perfect.”―Seanan McGuire

“A quiet, wrenching tale of resistance, resilience, and court intrigue.”―R. F. Kuang

“A glorious, beautifully-written tale that is both tragic and triumphant, unfolding a secret history through the ordinary artifacts of everyday life.”―Kate Elliott

“Uncovers a nuanced history of how the disenfranchised shape history, and can come to rule it, though at great cost.”―Buzzfeed

“A masterpiece of understatement and implication. . . it gives the impression of effortlessness while being quietly meticulous in every stitch.”―Nerd Daily

“[A] gorgeous debut novella.”―Paste

“Vo’s debut has it all: from sapphic love to cruel betrayals; from political intrigue to lakes that glow red to ghosts that continue to walk old paths.”―Booklist, starred review

“A stunning feminist fantasy.”―Publishers Weekly, starred review

“An epic in miniature, beautifully realised.”―Zen Cho

“At once epic and intimate, this story of revenge, power and the weight of history is a small, masterful jewel.”―Aliette de Bodard

“Resides in the intimate margins of its (beautifully imagined) world’s history, portraying how the marginalized may yet shape those narratives and harness the power of stories.”―Indra Das

“Rich details and emotional prose captures readers from the first page of this imaginative and powerful novella. “―Library Journal


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