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Wild and Wicked Things

Par / By Francesca May


[FR] Dans les années 1920, un conte gothique décadent se déroule alors qu’une jeune femme se glisse dans un monde glamour rempli de magie, de romance et de meurtre. 


[EN] In the 1920s, a decadent gothic tale unfolds as a young woman slips into a glamorous world filled with magic, romance, and murder.

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Sur l’île de Crow, on murmure que la magie se cache juste sous la surface.

Mais la magie n’intéresse pas Annie Mason. Pas depuis qu’elle lui a volé son avenir. Elle n’est sur l’île que pour régler la succession de son défunt père et, avec un peu de chance, renouer avec sa meilleure amie, Beatrice, absente depuis longtemps, qui a fui leur vie morne pour une vie plus glamour.

Pourtant, Crow Island regorge de tentations, et la plus envoûtante d’entre elles pourrait bien être son énigmatique nouvelle voisine.

Emmeline Delacroix est une figure séduisante qui fait l’objet de rumeurs de sorcellerie. Bientôt, Annie est entraînée dans un monde brillant et hanté. Un monde où les limites de la méchanceté sont testées, et où le coût de la magie illicite peut être la mort.

À ceux qui sont brillants et jeunes, à ceux qui sont sauvages et méchants, bienvenue sur l’île aux corbeaux. 


On Crow Island, people whisper that real magic lurks just below the surface.

But magic doesn’t interest Annie Mason. Not after it stole her future. She’s on the island only to settle her late father’s estate and, hopefully, reconnect with her long-absent best friend, Beatrice, who fled their dreary lives for a more glamorous one.

Yet Crow Island is brimming with temptation, and the most mesmerizing may be her enigmatic new neighbor.

Emmeline Delacroix is an alluring figure shadowed by rumors of witchcraft. Soon, Annie is drawn into a glittering, haunted world. A world where the boundaries of wickedness are tested, and the cost of illicit magic might be death.

To those who are bright and young; to those who are wild and wicked; welcome to Crow Island. 

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Auteur.rice / Author

Francesca May a grandi dans le centre de l’Angleterre, où elle a passé son enfance à dévorer des livres fantastiques et à préparer des potions dans son jardin. Elle vit actuellement à Derby avec sa famille, trois chiens géants et deux chats noirs. Le jour, elle travaille comme libraire chez Waterstones. Le soir, elle tue accidentellement toutes les plantes d’intérieur qu’elle touche et écrit des romans sur les manoirs gothiques, la sorcellerie et l’amour homosexuel. Elle écrit également des thrillers psychologiques et des suspenses gothiques sous le nom de Fran Dorricott. Vous pouvez la retrouver sur Twitter @franwritesstuff ou sur son site web à l’adresse http://www.frandorricott.com.


Francesca May grew up in the middle of England where she spent her childhood devouring fantasy books and brewing potions in her back garden. She currently lives in Derby with her family, three giant dogs, and two black cats. By day she works as a bookseller at Waterstones. By night she accidentally kills every house plant she touches and writes novels about gothic mansions, witchcraft, and queer love. She also writes psychological thrillers and gothic suspense as Fran Dorricott. You can find her on Twitter @franwritesstuff or her website at http://www.frandorricott.com


“Brimming with romance and gilded with danger, Wild and Wicked Things is a heady, lyrical gem of a book.”―Hannah Whitten, New York Times bestselling author of For the Wolf

“Haunting, immersive, and seething with dark magic, Wild and Wicked Things cast its spell on me”―Alexis Henderson, author of The Year of the Witching

“[T]his compelling queer gothic gas-lamp tale of witchcraft, wealth, and war is filled with brooding atmosphere, sensual details, and a sense of creeping dread….[a] tale of secrets, lies, and mistakenly raising the dead, will keep readers guessing and turning pages to the very end. Highly recommended for lovers of dark, witchy fantasy.”―Library Journal (starred review)

Wild and Wicked Things ticked all my boxes. May’s vivid prose carries us off to a world not quite unlike our own and spins the story of one woman coming into her own, another fighting the darkness inside her, and the two of them drawing together to become something more. I couldn’t put it down.”―Genevieve Gornichec, author of The Witch’s Heart

“Viciously enchanting, with a spell woven onto every page. Francesca May has given us a cast of wild and wicked women who dare to hold a mirror to the darkest, and most tender, parts of our souls. I couldn’t get enough!”―Heather Walter, author of Malice

“Entrancing, seductive, and decadently beautiful, Francesca May weaves an intoxicating spell. Here is a deep, sensuous exploration of the bonds between three very different, complex women that readers won’t soon forget.”―Gwenda Bond, New York Times bestselling author

“A sapphic historical fantasy novel that drips with dark curses and alluring witchcraft. It delivers all the gothic, witchy vibes you could hope for.”―CultureFly

“An intoxicating blend of secrets and glamour, romance and scandal, blood magic and dark pasts. If you’ve ever thought the Jazz Age would have been better with witchcraft, this book is for you.”―H. G. Parry, author of The Shadow Histories

“Even after the last page is turned, this intoxicating story lingers like a deep dark wine. Sparkling and deadly, Wild and Wicked Things enchanted me, and if you’re feeling dangerous, it will enchant you too.”―Lucy Holland, author of Sistersong

“[B]eautiful…May’s atmospheric prose conjures the world down to its last detail.” ―Publishers Weekly

“[A] spooky, sexy delight.”

Seattle Times

“Featuring queer romance, this enjoyable tale of magic would be a wonderful addition to any collection.”

Library Journal


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